How many passengers can a vehicle hold?

Vehicle Type Passenger Count Without Luggage  Passenger Count With Luggage*
Motorcoach 57 57
Minibus 25 18
Van 13 9
Limousine 7 5
Sedan 2 2


* Capacities are based on (1) luggage + (1) carry-on bag per person without space for golf bags.

Can we eat on the vehicle?

You are more than welcome to bring snacks on board, however we do not allow eating in our vehicles. We ask that you please enjoy your snacks at one of the scheduled stops on your tour. You may bring along and consume drinks on board the vehicle but it must be able to be covered or capped to avoid spills.

How do I confirm a movement?

Should you decide to confirm a movement please submit the quote, signed, along with prepayment in full. Once we receive your request to confirm, we will double check the availability, process payment and issue you a confirmation number and receipt. Please note that all tours, transportation and services are confirmed once you receive an actual confirmation number.

What is meant by “cancellation fee” in the cancellation policy?

“Cancellation fee” means a charge. For example, a 100% cancellation fee means a full charge of the amount paid. A 50% cancellation fee means 50% of the amount paid is charged, and 50% is refunded.

Please note that certain tours have different cancellation policies that are specified at the time of your reservation. Please also note that all services paid by credit card are subject to a 10% credit card cancellation fee.